Upholstry Cleaning

The primary tool I use to clean upholstery is called the ShearDry.  This specialty tool is designed specifically to clean the various types of fabric upholstery.  How it works is it shoots the hot, pure water directly into the vacuum chamber.  The only way for the tool to work is to be held directly against the surface of the upholstery.  The tool, in combination with the techniques I use allows me to truly work wonders on upholstery.  Even if the ShearDry tool is held in one place the water is constantly extracted.  This gives superior rinsing of soil load, dirt, food or spills without getting the furniture wet past about 1/4 of a inch.  Which means a fast dry time and great cleaning option for you and your family.

Having the best tools is not all that is required to do a great job.  Every upholstery fiber is a little bit different and needs a specific solution to get the best results and be safe for your furniture.  I check each type of fiber before I start cleaning and on top of that I test a small spot out of sight to see how the fiber reacts just to make sure.

I look forward to talking with you on how I can bring your furniture back to life! Call for your complimentary carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning quote.