Spots, Stains & Odors

There are many things that can get into carpet fiber that cannot be removed by traditional carpet cleaning techniques.  Depending on the type of stain or odor and specific fiber I use a large array of different green chemistry to remove that unwanted substance out of your fiber.  The key is to be as gentle as possible while being powerful enough to get the spot clean and refreshed.

Testing a inconspicuous spot is a must but I go one step further.  I test the PH balance of the soil and attack it with the opposite PH to neutralize the location.  After the area is neutralized and if the spot is not yet cleaned I use my green chemistry.  The most difficult and stubborn stains are usually removed.  Each type of carpet has its own unique properties and liquid or solid stains each need to be properly assessed before continuing. Bleach stains and certain types of paint stains unfortunately will usually not come out completely.  I have been able to make drastic improvements to paint stains, marker stains. You can see the images below for examples. There are of course other specific stains that may not come out completely.  During the in person carpet cleaning quote I will be as accurate as I can to let you know if a spot can be removed or not.

Give me a call and I would be happy to give you an in person quote for your unique carpet cleaning and spot, stain or carpet odors.