Area Rugs


As a carpet cleaner I see a variety of carpet and rugs. Area Rugs have their own unique process.

1.  Very thorough vacuum.  Area rugs are dense … very dense and hold a lot of dry dirt and sand.  The best way to get this out is to vacuum with a powerful upright tool.  I spend about 20 minuets of vacuum time for average size area rug.

2.  I use the correct solution for the job.  Wool is a very common fiber for area rugs and this type of fiber likes to be treated with a PH balance of 8.5 or lower.  After the solution is down I thoroughly agitate it to get the solution all the way deep into the area rug.

3.  Now I extract.  I use warm or hot pure water when cleaning area rugs.  Steam is usually too powerful and unnecessary to do a great job.  Cycling water and I mean a lot of water is the key to rinsing a area rug.  I use a gentle and powerful extraction tool called the 360i.  The rotation combined with gentle glides allows me to get maximum rinsing action without over wetting the rug mat.

4.  Dry time.  I use two air movers after I am finished to give the area rug maximum drying affect.  This will leave the fiber feeling only slightly damp to completely dry.  I recommend staying off the rug till it is completely dry before it is walked on.

5.  Final groom.  I groom the rugs fibers in one direction to make the pile stand tall.  This helps the feel and look of the fiber as a nice final step.

If you are interested in having your carpets cleaned and area rugs give me a call for a quote.