A Washington native growing up in Edmonds, my family and I enjoy walks to the park or local hikes.  As an avid, competitive windsurfer in the NW, I understand the importance of caring for and preserving our natural environment. As a father of two young children and pet owner I realize just how crucial it is to have a safe living space free of hazardous chemicals. This is why I emphasize my thorough 12-step deep cleaning process that removes everything from your carpet so that you can rest easy and confidently knowing your home is both clean and chemical free.

There is an odd satisfaction from taking a dirty worn out carpet and transforming it into like-new carpet again.  It creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the home. Once your carpet is clean you can take off your shoes, grab a beverage and just enjoy. Some of my clients have carpet that is over 30 years old and they still look great after I done. Don’t just take my word for it; read reviews here on my testimonials page.

My wife and I are both solo entrepreneurs. My wife, Sasha is the owner and creator of the LITTLE DOG RETREAT.com and Learn How To Organize.com

I look forward to hear how I can help you!